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About Evaluations

The faculty in the Department of Geosciences routinely administer a survey to evaluate the attitude of students towards the course and the professor. The results of recently completed surveys are reported on these web pages.

Surveys are given to students near the end of each semester or summer session. Students respond to the survey in class, generally with the professor out of the room. The individual responses are collected by a student designated by the professor, and it is the responsibility of this student to transfer control of the individual responses to the Department secretary.

The secretary makes a tally of the responses and records all results on a summary form. Written comments are transferred verbatim without any attempt to correct grammar or spelling. The original response forms are destroyed, and the summary sheets become part of the permanent record where they can be used to help determine such serious issues as tenure, promotion, and wage increments. Course evaluations are, in fact, one of the most significant parts of a faculty tenure/promotion case.

The course evaluation summary is given to the faculty member after grades have been submitted to the registrar. The faculty member never sees the original forms, and has no way to associate specific comments with specific students.

The data reported on these web pages are taken directly from the summary forms. All available multiple choice data since Fall, 1994 are included. The responses to questions may not always sum to the same numbers because students do not always respond to every question on a survey.

The faculty in the Department of Geosciences hope these data will help you in choosing the best courses and instructors. Please do not hesitate to contact an instructor about a course if you have any questions.





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